Sunday, June 07, 2009

On to Martinique and beyond

Checked out Monday morning in Les Saintes, picked up fresh bread and a sandwich to go, and off we were before noon, pulling in after a great sail and motor sail, anchoring in Canfield in Dominica. Picked up anchor the next morning and I still say, our worst sails have been between Dominica and Martinique - this was no exception! Anchored in St. Pierre, Martinique, after numerous rain squalls, around 4 pm. Samji welcomed us in! In the next day, checked in, a few provisions, but constant rain, so no point sticking around for hiking. My finger already knows what it's like to hike in the rain!

Down to St. Anne's, one of our favourite anchorages. Just stayed a short time, stocked up on wine, waited for a weather window, and off we went to Bequia. Stopped down between the Pitons on a mooring ball overnight (how easy is that?), then pulled into Bequia the next afternoon, taking our favourite anchoring spot between Princess Margaret Beach and Lower Bay. Had an absolutely wonderful sail down the windward side of St. Vincent - well, until the wind died and then changed. Can you believe being on the windward side of an island with no wind and not too bad seas? Dennis ran the lures out, of course, and while he was cleaning the tuna, the other line went off and we hooked a 4' wahoo. Fish for all our friends! Pulled into Bequia and who should be there but Barb and Winston on My Island Girl, a 40' Bayfield we saw coming down the ICW in 2005 and finally met up with in 2007. Took a great hike with them and met up with Ed and Linda on Dreamtime from VZ, missing Mike and Linda on Casa Del Mar by one day! How frustrating!
Laundry done, water on board and south we head towards Grenada!

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