Tuesday, July 14, 2009

The Frozen North

Decided since we weren't going to Florida this summer we'd give the kids a break from us so headed northeast to Brockville, in the area of the Thousand Islands, to visit with John and Brigitte on Mystic. They've visited us in Antigua and Curacao, so it was time to visit their home and boat. As usual, horrendous traffic through Toronto (sorry Mark and Deb, maybe next time!), but we finally arrived just before 6 p.m. Time for a quick drink and then they whisked us off to a wonderful evening with Ozzie and Wilma (they were travelling aboard
Boomer in the Bahamas when we first met them) and John and Karen (spent time in Trinidad with them when John was there working for 2 years). Ozzie and Wilma have an absolutely amazing home!! Had a wonderful meal and lots of laughs.

Up the next morning for a walk around town, and then after the rain stopped we took our warm clothing and goodies down to Mystic for a couple of day trip in the St. Lawrence River. SOOOO cold! John was worried about the ice melting in the fridge, since the freezer was full. No fears there, it refroze overnight. Brigitte and I were chilly in the cockpit, and this photo of John was taken July 4th. Anyone who knows Dennis can sympathize with us and his complaining! He made some comment about me taking up too much of the berth, so he decided he'd sleep in the cockpit. That was the night the temp dropped to 47 and the ice re-froze.

This is an amazingly beautiful area and we can see why they call it home. Time was too short, but it's back to grandkid time. ~~~~_/)~~~~

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