Saturday, August 29, 2009

Taylour in Grenada - the beginning

Okay, finally getting to our wonderful time with Taylour. Got my head out of the Twilight books, finished all 4 in 10 days (thanks, again, Kelly), spent an enjoyable night listening to the amazing Doc Adams Blues Band that were playing at the University Club (right in front of the boat), and I'm finally in the mood to get this down

Last night with Kelly, Charlie and the kids

Our time with Taylour was absolutely amazing, from start to finish. She is just such an amazing young woman. Sometimes so grown up and sometimes still our little girl! I picked her up at home on Tuesday night, July 14th, and we headed back to Kelly and Charlie's place. Fire on the patio, roasted marshmallows, glow sticks and a great last night. On Wednesday, Parker was with friends and Dennis watched Brooklyn while Kelly and I had a pedicure and Taylour got a manicure. A last girl thing! Kelly and the kids dropped us off at the Embassy Suites for our early flight out on Thursday. Thursday came bright and early, and Taylour had her first flight! Dennis and I had booked our flights and seats ahead of time. Couldn't get seats together, so Taylour got Dennis' seat and he got to sit and chat to other people. He was happy and we had fun. After having an early dinner, because our flight didn't get into Grenada till 8:30 at night, we found out that the flight was cancelled. They put us up in the on-site hotel room, but getting some of our luggage was quite the challenge. If they had just told us at first to forget it, we would have bought some things to sleep in and toiletries ... well, that's just too long of a story to go into! I got 10,000 American Airline points for all my complaining and ruined luggage ... enough said!

Got in, stuff stowed, new toilet installed by Dennis while Taylour and I went grocery shopping. She got spoiled and doesn't know it. I called up Sean to pick us up, drop us at the grocery store, and pick us up 2 hours later. Usually, for us, it's a walk and a bus ride! Since we were in the marina, with no place to swim off the boat, we took Taylour to Calvingny Island the first day and then to Le Phare Bleu and the pool after that.

Finally off the dock and motored over to Prickly. Taylour did not feel well. Brought out the ginger tablets and the wrist bands that Eileen and Rick and left and that seemed to work. Time to go into town and get things done. Ooooh, Taylour does not like to walk in the heat or shop in boat stores! I think that was the only complaining we had for the whole 3 weeks, was any walking that we had to do. Put her in a water situation and she was fine though! Went downtown and had to hit the cruise ship mall twice for the air conditioning so she could make it back. As soon as we got back to the boat and she got into the water, she was wonderful. Spent a fantastic 2 days in Prickly swimming off the boat and listening to Taylour's stories. This girl makes me laugh so much!! She went snorkelling for the first time and did real well. Grandpa helped her find the killer conch! Yes, we put him back!

Off to Grande Anse and beyond! ~~~_/)~~~
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