Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Boat stuff!!

Blogs have been a little behind, but here's some updates on what we've done this summer in Grenada. Dennis spent over 2 weeks installing the SSB (for you non-boaters, that's a single sideband radio), and we've been able to talk to Chris Parker, our weather guru, in southern Florida, and then our friends, Bill and Pat on Mobetah, up in Pensacola. That was a MAJOR project. Running copper, an antenna ... just too much stuff for me to remember ... just remember Dennis spending a lot of time in the bilge and lazerette and handing tools! Better he than me!

The new head was installed while Taylour was visiting and she got to see all those challenges. She promises us when she's rich and famous she'll buy us a bigger boat with a flush toilet. None of this 20 pump stuff.

Before we left to go home Dennis was busy building shelves. The lumber down here is amazing! Not seen anything like it. I put a coat of Cetol gloss on everything and we have tons more room. No photos, but I took all the finish off the cockpit and did teak sealer instead of Cetol. Just got tired of lines wearing the gloss off right after I'd put it on. Did sand down the bow sprit and trailboards, putting 3 coats of Cetol light and 3 of gloss. Hope it lasts at least 6 months. Finally found some calm seas and Dennis helped hang on to the boat while I did the woodwork. Made a big difference.

This is our family wall, and the top sculpture is by our nephew, Dean Coon. He does amazing welding work. We loved this piece as soon as we saw it. When we get his site, we'll add it as a link.
In the meantime, cheers and enjoy life!! ~~~_/)~~~~

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