Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Back in Michigan

Back with the kids, and I'm so excited. Thirty degree temperature drop, but I'm okay with that. First time in a long time that my sweat rag is used only to tie my hair back. Missed the exit to Kelly's, but eventually found my way there.
So wonderful to see all the kids again. Arrived in Michgan Wednesday, April 7th, spent time with Kelly and then to Shaun's. Spent my time between Kelly and Shaun and just loved it.
All my girls in the kitchen ... Kelly and MA relax and catch up!
Kelly got everyone together and we celebrated Parker's birthday and a family function. All the kids decided to spend the night - what craziness! The boys were all upstairs, and Shaun and I were downstairs with all the girls. Kelly and Charlie are great to put up with all this family stuff and craziness to make us happy! Lots of babysitting and I loved it!!!
Family photo at left, just missing Charlie and Chris ......... my grownup girls at the right
Me and my pumpkin (he doesn't read the blog, so I can write this!)
Miss everyone! I'll post a few photos now and eventually do a Picassa web album.~~~/_)~~~

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