Saturday, January 29, 2011

Bocas Marina

Deb, Brenda and John

Me and my friend!

Well, we did end up at the Calypso Cantina for Friday night ribs, having a great time with Mark and Deb on Sea Cycle and John and Brenda on Willow.  In fact, had so much fun, we repeated the night the next week, still with Mark and Deb, and joined by Brian and Sue on Darramy and Matt and Jean on SuperTed.  The first week was entertainment by two young guys called White Chocolate (reminded me of my late teens at the DH on a Friday night), and the second week was music again, along with a young girl doing martial arts with swords and Dyllan and Darion with their fire dancing.  What a crowd.  It really is a great place to hang out ... even with the no-see-ums!

We got the engine mount back and the weld is redone and reinforced.  Hopefully this time it will hold.  Unfortunately, when we were putting that back together, we discovered that the front starboard motor mount bolt was broken, eight months old.  Really?  This is getting to be really, really frustrating and depressing.  Oh, and then the bolt going into the engine block was stripped.  Isn't that special?  Can't hardly see it, need to fix it.  Had to put a heli-coil in.  When Jeff, the mechanic, came over to put the heli-coil in, Dennis told him not to put any tools where they would drop into the bilge.  He did .... they did.  He spent an hour on the boat, Dennis spent eight hours before he was finally successful in getting his heli-coil installation tool out of the bilge.  It was black, not metal, and didn't float.  Oh what fun!  It seems every time we have someone work on the boat, Dennis spends more time fishing stuff out of the bilge than they spend on the boat.  Last time was in Antigua when it was a cell phone dropped.

Jean, Allayne, Sue and Deb

Dennis, Mark, Matt and Brian
In between all this work, we have had some fun times.  Darramy called and said we all needed to get together for a happy hour in town.  Met up at the Bocas Hotel for happy hour and dinner with Brian and Sue, Mark and Deb and Matt and Jean.  Another really fun night.  It is a challenge getting back to the marina from Bocas Town in the dark, even with our lights.  Dennis decided he needed a break, so went out fishing for a couple of hours the next day.  Lost his lure and no fish in sight, but Deb on Sea Cycle came over and we had a great girls afternoon. 

Bocas Town looking right
Bocas Town looking left

We're stuck in the marina, but we're not shovelling snow!  Mark and Deb went up island to Starfish Beach, SuperTed went around the island fishing before heading over to Red Frog, and Darramy are taking us sailing with them Sunday for the benefit over at Red Frog Marina.  There's a shuttle back to the marina at 5:45, so it should be a fun day.  Unfortunately, one of the young boys was playing with matches and burned five homes down, so there's a fundraiser over at Red Frog where the fire was.  That will be the next blog. ~~~_/)~~~

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