Thursday, April 07, 2011

Didn't Mean To Go Back To Starfish

Time to leave, need to swim.  Picked up the anchor once the sun came out (amazing how you can see the reefs when the sun is out!!), made it safely through he reef and the cut, promptly turned to port to hopefully anchor at Agama Cay.  I don't care where we go, as long as we move when I'm bored.  Dennis pours over the guide books and charts, plotting our courses and entering waypoints.  Can't swim at Rana Azul, so he decided that Agama Cay, just off the mainland, looked like a good place to be.

Doing some walking
Looking over towards Starfish

Unfortunately, it looks much, much better in the guidebook than it does when you're there.  Where they showed anchoring in 15-20' of water, I was still seeing 55'.  To get to shallow water meant tucking in between the mainland and a mangrove island.  Hmmm, that means lots of no-see-ums!  Plus, the water didn't really look nice enough to swim in.  So, main back up again and out we go, back to Starfish Beach.  Had a really good sail going, passing Isla Shepherd and past Snapper Point into Bahia Almirante.  Finally ran out of wind and water, so started the motor up again and anchored at Starfish late afternoon.

Al and Joan from Break 'N Run

Seriously considered heading into the anchorage at Bocas to get a treatment from Jules on Ocean Mandalay, a chiropractor.  Not sleeping, can hardly move, agony!  I said to head to Starfish, hoping walking and swimming will help.  No, it's not, so after a couple of days we head back to the Bocas Marina anchorage for a couple of reasons ... Break 'N Run have arrived and are leaving again soon to head to Providencia and ports north, and I really need to see a chiropractor.

Another fun Friday night with Sea Cycle, Darramy and Break 'N Run. catching up on what they've been doing and wishing them fond farewell.  And, enough red wine does dull the pain!

An appointment on Ocean Mandalay Saturday morning, woo hoo!  Jules spent about half an hour massaging and adjusting my back.  I feel like a new person.  As she said, it will take a couple of days for all those tense muscles to relax, and she's right.  Soreness for a few days, but I can finally sleep.  I love chiropractors!!!!:)

We'll hang around for a couple of days, pick up fruit, veg and bread (yes, that is what our life consists of), and then head to Red Frog for some more beach time.  ~~~_/)~~~

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