Sunday, May 15, 2011


First off, oops, typed blogs ahead of time and this should have been before the Back In Bocas :)

Well, the weather report was right ... it did rain.  Luckily, we picked up anchor at Johnson Cay with good weather, motoring up one side of Isla Solarte (Cayo Nancy, Isla Solarte -- different charts, different names), and down the other, into the Red Frog anchorage.  Needed to charge those batteries.  Three solar panels and a wind generator, but if there's no wind and sun, it's not good!!!  Got in early afternoon, but decided to stay on the boat.  And again the next day, since it rained all day long!  A reprieve from the weather-- in to check in, pay our weekly fee for internet, showers and garbage and off to walk. 

Hiked all around the new homes going up, trying to find a road to get to the far beach.  That didn't happen, but we had a great hike.  Went down to the beach but, unfortunately, the waves aren't good for body surfing (more like body slamming), and we haven't been able to use our new boogie boards. 

The next day was questionable weather, but we managed to head across the bay to pick our handheld radio up from Panache, or BEN 93.  We had lent them our 2nd backup for the races.  Stopped by and said hi to Jan and George on Claire de Lune, then a quick stop at Chewbacca, who were in the marina.  Picked up some goodies from them, since they're heading home for 6 months :)  By the time we were ready to head up to Kayukos the sky opened up.  Hid underneath the roof of the workshop for a bit, and then decided to get even wetter.  A busy, busy afternoon -- tours were there having lunch and hiding out from the rain as well.  Finally, they left, and then Rick and Carol on Chewbacca joined us for lunch and drinks.  Glad we got that walk in because it poured all day the next day.  By 5 o'clock everyone was going stir crazy and the radio came alive.  Even the radio police didn't come in to complain when people started singing Eeensy Weensy Spider! 
Our pet gecko Pip!

The good thing was, we collected about 30 gallons of water, and that's always great!  It was so bad, our pet gecko was found below, when he's always outside.  Poor thing was probably drowning out there!

We were going to leave Sunday to head back to Bocas Town, but the rain never stopped, so up bright and early Monday morning.  We need to get back to celebrate Deb's birthday (Sea Cycle)!


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