Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Great Sailing!

We installed a new wind generator at the beginning of the summer, and it has made a huge difference.  Well, the amount of wind we've had lately does make it go all the time!  Since we don't have to motorsail to charge the batteries, we've sailed every time we've changed anchorages.  The sail from Nabadup to Green the other day was perfect.  If we could only arrange that -- 10-15 knots of wind, 1 foot waves -- for our sail back to the US.

The 15-25 knots of wind has finally calmed down and we're so happy to be able to snorkel again.  Dennis has caught a few small fish to pan fry, but nothing of size to bbq.

The rain has finally stopped, and that makes us happy to be able to snorkel, but it also means having to go down to Rio Azucar to get water.  It's relatively painless, just a slow process.  They now have a 'high speed' connection, which means the hose actually fills up.  Dennis filled up the jerry cans, then we put the hose below and  filled the tub, threw in soap and the laundry.  I swished everything around, scrubbed, and by the time he finished filling the tank, I had washed everything, emptied the tub, and we refilled for rinse water. A very productive day.  Plus, we were able to purchase gas at Rio Azucar (only $6 a gallon for all you people in the States who complain about gas prices), so we eliminated the need to go to Nargana.  Smoke from the fires and the generator running all night long make for not a nice anchorage.

Hanging out at Green Island for awhile, where we have good phone coverage and sometimes decent internet!


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