Friday, February 12, 2010

Green to Nabadup

Weaving our way through the reefs at Green Island was interesting, to drop in 30 feet. Wanted to get closer, but there were about 5 cats anchored in close. In between the island and the reef, so hopefully some wind. Swimming again, how wonderful!

Off the boat the next day to, once again, burn garbage. It's been a week! I walked around the island for exercise while Dennis gathered wood. Hey, somebody has to work hard! Dug our pit, burned our garbage, put water on the charcoal and covered it back up. The Kunas who owned the island came over from the mainland and we were able to buy a coconut from them for 50 cents. You can fish in the waters, but every island is owned by a Kuna family, so you need to pay them for anything you take off the land. We were going to explore a little more but heard from Infinity who told us, with the calm weather, we needed to get over to Cambombia and Nabadup to do some snorkelling. So, off we motored, needing to charge those batteries again. Where is all this wind and sun????

Really, I don't like going from 100 feet to 10, which is the way you go through the cut to Cambombia. But, once you get through that cut, there's only a few more shoals you have to avoid. Directions from Frank, then anchored next to Infinity. Dick and Moira on Equinox pulled in later in the afternoon. We've been snorkelling, visiting, and taken a trip up the river to get shower water and do laundry. If our kids could see us now!

Happy hour on Equinox was totally enjoyable. They took off to get water and head to Nargana, but they're back again. Mark and Deb on Sea Cycle pulled in this afternoon after we came back from snorkelling, so we're so excited to see them again. Finally met up with Tom and Rose on Sojourn again after three years, and took Rose snorkelling with us. Dennis has to remember that while Frank can dive 30-35 feet to chase squid -- he's only 35 years old -- Dennis isn't. Did a few too many deep dives and came up totally winded. Kind of scared me when I said I'd go back for the dinghy and he said okay!? Back to the boat, showered, relaxed and bbq'd that chicken I bought today with a head still attached. Yeew! ~~_/)~~

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