Thursday, May 03, 2007

April and May in Bequia

We arrived in Admiralty Bay in Bequia in time for all of the Easter Regatta festivities. We had a great vantage point to watch the start and finish of the races. Nice to know that racing boats can hourglass their spinnaker just the same as we can! The anchorage is crowded again, only this time it's mostly charter boats. At Christmas and New Year's it was cruising boats, and a lot of the boats that had crossed the Atlantic in the ARC. Went in Monday night when they announced the winners of the races because there were free drinks!
Our plan originally had been to leave for Tobago after Easter when Kyeta's company returned to the States. Frank and Gretchen on Infinity had picked up friends, Chad and Marsha (Rebel Rouser), down in Tobago and they, who never complain, complained about the deep water and rolly anchorages. Made us re-think our plans. It turned out we didn't have to think very hard since I needed to stay in Bequia to wait for legal paperwork from home. We spent time with Dan and Jaime on Nereia and Barb and Winston on My Island Girl. Then Casa del Mar and Ticketoo pulled in. Old home week. A few days later, Infinity sailed in with Chad and Marsha. We met Chad and Marsha on Rebel Rouser back in 2004 on the way down the Erie Canal. They were travelling with their then 18 month old, Keegan, who gave me my baby fix all the way to the Bahamas. They were flying out of St. Vincent to head back to Trinidad, and we had planned on sailing over on Infinity to spend some time with them. Well, Frank on Infinity got sick, so we took them over on Audrey Paige, with Gretchen along for company as well. Had a great sail, and it sure is nice to have extra hands on board, especially when they know what they're doing. A boat boy came out while we were offshore and told us he'd tie us up to a temporary mooring, arranged a land taxi and was the water taxi to take Chad and Marsha to shore. Everything worked out great and we had a wonderful visit. Especially when Chad told me how I could make movies and put them to music. I've had fun with that! Two hours there and two back and a good battery charge!
Spending time in Bequia exploring, doing boat chores and enjoying the beach. Needed a good battery charge so decided to take Denny and Ann from Kyeta on board and sail around the island. Really nice day, but no fish. A week later, decided to leave the anchorage again and see if Baliceaux would be a good day anchorage. It's a little anchorage west of Bequia. Had a great motorsail, but the closer we got to the island the bigger the rollers were, and there was no way you could have either swam to shore or put the dinghy to shore as the waves were so big. Turned around and headed back to Admiralty Bay, but had a great day just getting out on the water. It's so quiet now, we've left three times and arrived back to drop anchor in the same spot!
Murray and Nadine on Squiz arrived the other day. We haven't seen them since before Christmas in Grenada. Bill and Judy on Be Be (used to be called Security) arrived the day after. We spent the summer with them in Trinidad. Had Squiz over for happy hour one night and Be Be the next. So many people pulling in again that we decided to get together at the new bar that opened at Easter, called Jack's. It's on the beach and they finished it right before Easter. Ended up with about 20 boats getting together, visiting old friends and meeting new ones.
The paperwork is finally in. It was supposed to be in on Wednesday's ferry, but the ferry was running an hour late (what else is new) and Customs closed before they arrived. Hopefully we can leave on Friday! While we love it here, it's time to move on and we need to be in Trinidad in 3 weeks!! Where did the time go?
Will update when we get to Grenada. ~~~/_)~~~

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