Thursday, May 03, 2007

Martinique to Bequia

We were up early, after our long two days from Dominica, so that we could do laundry and provision. The nice thing was, there was no one in the laundrymat at 6:30 in the morning. Dan and Jaime from Nereia stopped in to say hi and it was so good to see them again. They're staying on for the rest of the week to do some land tours. Finished mid-day and headed out to anchor at St. Anne's to do internet and pick up bread from the bakery there. No play time!! Saw Winston and Barb on My Island Girl (a 40' Bayfield) and invited them over for happy hour the next night. They were getting together with Jim and Pat on Mirus, so we invited them as well. Mirus is from Ohio and we saw them for the first time when we were travelling down the Erie Canal in 2004. It sometimes turns out to be a small world!
Infinity left Sunday morning to head south because they needed to get their boom repaired before they picked up their company in Tobago. We headed out early Monday morning and had a pretty good sail from St. Anne's to between the Pitons on St. Lucia. Of course, the wind picked up, gusting from 20-25 when we came into the anchorage, so we decided to pay the boat boy 10 EC (about $3 US) to help tie us up. Money well spent! What a beautiful place to spend a night or two.
Up early again to sail from St. Lucia to Bequia. We had anywhere from no wind to 20 knots at the tip of St. Vincent. That was interesting - wind one way, waves coming from the other direction. It took us 10 hours to get to Bequia, sailing, motoring and motorsailing. It seems deserted here after Christmas! Kyeta came in an hour after us, having caught a good size tuna, so dinner on their boat. Not too much play time with boat chores and land duties. Kyeta is expecting company so they're working way too hard! Only here for a day and a half before we head down to Union and the rest of the Grenadines. ~~~/_)~~~

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