Saturday, December 09, 2006

Loving Grenada - Except For The Boat Stuff!

Greetings from Grenada, still! We've had a wonderful time here, but it seems to be that everyone has had one heck of a shakedown cruise. Just In Time wins the prize for the most money spent with a new sail drive, but everyone that pulls in seems to be experiencing boat gremlins. We just weren't charging properly, and Tom from Conch'd Out came over and helped test the batteries -- yes, four new batteries needed. Kyeta needed to have their shaft aligned, a new radio and new antenna (which Dennis went up their mast to put on - at least it was less time than being up on Mobetah!). Vindomar had alternator problems, as did Squiz. Enza Marine, Budget and Island Water World are making money!
We've thoroughly enjoyed Grenada! The group from Coral Cove did a potluck on Thanksgiving, but we headed out for dinner with Ann and Denny (Kyeta), Tom and PJ (Conch'd Out) and Roy and Sue (Vindomar) and had a wonderful evening. No turkey, but a lot of fun. Did an island tour with a group of twelve and it was great. One of the group (I won't name Linda) paid extra to have the waterfall guy jump off naked.
Last Friday headed up to Gouyave for their Friday night fish fry, and the rain let up enough to let us enjoy the town. Of course, the taxi ride there and back was quite the trip. Slow down for speed bumps? No way!! Kidneys and spleen in the same place they should be? No!
Left Prickly Bay and headed up to anchor near Grande Anse Beach. Great when we got there but way too bumpy in the morning, so we headed into the Lagoon. Can't swim, but we do have free internet! Hoping to head out at the beginning of the week when the seas die down. We don't mind wind, since it takes over 15 knots to get us under a good sail, but really don't like 12 foot seas.
It's so nice to not be in a hurry to get anywhere and we can just hang out and wait for good weather and seas!!
Until next time ~~~~~/_)~~~~~~~~~