Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Enjoying Bahia Redonda

Well, it's been a busy time in the marina, and also meeting up with friends we haven't seen in a year, two or three! Dan and Jaime on Nereia, of course, who have been so helpful; Una and Jeff on Dragonfly; Jim and Norma on MiLady (haven't seen them in 3 years!); Linda and Gary on Rainbow Rider, and many more!
I've been up at 5:15 a.m. every day to go walking with Dan, and sometimes Linda and Una. We walk about 4 miles, anywhere from an hour and a half to two hours, around the complex. Left my walking shoes back at Mom Coon's, and these sailing shoes aren't doing great things for my feet. After two weeks I finally got walking shoes and the difference is amazing. Of course, the blisters are pretty amazing as well! Everyone else has sailed away and we're still waiting for our chain and hopefully a new dinghy motor. Still, I'm up at 5:15 and walking! Then, back to the boat for those lovely boat chores.
We had a great time with Dan and Jaime on Nereia, catching taxis and doing shopping and lots of eating out. That's why Dan and I had to walk! Dan was giving us Spanish lessons for a few weeks (what a lot of work for him), but DW and I are bad pupils. Too busy with boat projects to study! Between the two of us, we seem to muddle through.
Jaime gave a talk at the bar one night for all the boats that were planning on heading through the Panama Canal and going to Ecuador (his hometown). Sounds wonderful. Told them we'll be flying there and visiting their condo!
The taxi drivers here are wonderful. We've used mostly, "I'm Leo"!, but Andreas as well. Made the observation that the police here carry really large guns with lots of bullets - but haven't seen any handcuffs. Hmmmmmm!!!!!!!!!!!!
Really hoping we get the new dinghy motor since ours is just put-putting along, scaring us with how far we might have to row to get home. It's definitely different down here in Venezuela - we've been waiting for a price for the motor from Caracas for two weeks!? We've seen it, we've touched it, we just can't buy it!!
Otherwise, loving Venezuela and the people!!! ~~_/)~~