Sunday, March 29, 2009

Picasa Web Albums - Allayne

Our new Antigua and Montserrat photos. We hope you enjoy. ~~_/)~~

Picasa Web Albums - Allayne

Sunday, March 22, 2009

To Barbuda And Back To Antigua

Finally had the right winds to sail to Barbuda, so we left Jolly Harbour and spent the night in Hermitage Bay to get an easy out early in the morning. What a sail! A beam reach all the way with 3-4' seas. No fish but a wonderful sail. Anchored off the 11 mile beach and had a calm night.

There's talk of a westerly swell coming in, but we're not quite sure when and how bad. After a 4 hour walk on the beach, we found out when and how bad. Waves were crashing over Dennis' head at times as we walked back along the beach. Hmmm ... so not good. It took us an hour and a half to time the swells and get the dinghy launched from the beach back to Audrey Paige, which was surging at anchor in 9' swells. Thought we might have to lock the dinghy to shore and swim back to the boat. I was, as the Brits say, 'shattered' by the time I got back to the boat. Then we moved the big boat farther north and tucked in behind the reef. Still not great, but a whole lot better. Another beach walk, collected some 'pink sand' and headed down to the south end for the next west swell coming in.

Had a great motorsail down around the corner to anchor out by the reef by Spanish Point. The guidebook makes it sound scary (which, for people who haven't sailed in reefs it should), but the reefs and shallow water were very easy to read and we spent another 4 days down in Gravenor Bay. Met up with Jim and Ann on Bees Knees and had them over to the boat for happy hour one night. After a week, we were ready to leave (and the weather said we should too), so we picked up anchor early and thought we'd sail to Dickenson. Bees Knees caught a baracuda, released it, and I think we caught the same one. Otherwise, no fish. Pulled into Dickenson and there were jet skis all around, so we headed back to Jolly again. Pulled in, dropped the dinghy, hit the grocery store and we were happy people. We picked up water in Jolly before we left, and weren't pleased with the taste, since we drink the water from our tank. Kind of soapy tasting. We're so used to conserving, I didn't realize how long it would actually take to run out 100 gallons of water! Met up with John and Marie on Metalia, who gave us a ride into town in their borrowed pickup truck. Well, I shared the passenger seat with Marie and Dennis rode with the propane tank in the back. All errands done, back to English Harbour we go!!

Finally, a fish!! Caught a blackfin tuna between Falmouth and English Harbour. Meal for 4. Pulled into English and got a prime spot. Unusual, but very happy. We're here till company arrives! Rick and Eileen arrive on Saturday, February 21st and we're looking forward to that.

Big charity function Friday night for the family of the murdered mega yacht captain and two of the taxi drivers with children with cancer. Wonderful night, lots of great food, drink, people, and $30,000 US raised! How cool! Had a great night with Phil and Mel on Samji and John and Marie on Metalia.

Next post, we have company!!