Tuesday, June 28, 2011

The San Blas Again!

Mike and Linda on Casa
Anchor up early a.m., out of Isla Grande on the way to Porvenir in the San Blas.  A couple of hits on the fishing line along the way, but no fish on board.  Pulled into Porvenir early afternoon, quickly dropped the dinghy, put the motor on and headed in to the Port Captain's office and then to pay our Kuna Congresso fee.  Anchored right in front of Casa del Mar!  Good to see them again.  Unfortunately, they've been stuck in Porvenir as their transmission decided it wasn't going to work when they were coming into the anchorage.  Stayed 2 days in Porvenir to visit with them and have them over for dinner.  They're waiting on decent weather so that they can sail all the way to Shelter Bay and figure out if it's the transmission, the motor, or both.  We feel for them!!!
Frank, Gretchen and
the best boat dog, Loki

Said goodbye to Casa and headed down to the East Lemmons to catch up with Frank and Gretchen on Infinity (and Loki the best boat dog too) before they headed home.  We spent over 2 weeks in the East Lemmons because the weather was wonderful, and in between Dennis doing stainless and me doing the Cetol in the cockpit, we got a little bit of swimming and snorkelling in.

Heraldo - veggie boat
Our favorite people to see are Heraldo or Maxel on the veggie boats, and we were lucky enough to see both of them.  Unfortunately, they don't come around often in the summertime and our fridge only holds so much produce.

Another shark!
Dennis was also on my list of people I'm not happy with when he decided to throw a fish head on a fishing pole off the back of the boat in the middle of the afternoon.  I think that's a nurse shark, but there goes my swimming for the day.  I'm pretty sure Blue Sky's guests weren't too thrilled with it either!

The bad news for Infinity was that their 1501 Dell computer died.  The good news for us was that they gave us their battery, since ours died and it really affected how our computer ran.  I thought it was a fair trade for the booze they got from us when we left the San Blas!  The big computer is working again :)

More on the San Blas later!    ~~~_/)~~~