Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Trinidad to Grenada

Well, we've been busy since I returned from the States. Our new upholstery was delivered, and with all of the accent pieces we've been sewing all summer long, it's a brand new boat below decks. Did the last of our provisioning (not quite as bad as before since we now realize there is food on other islands!), and the last of our boat chores, and left the dock on Monday, November 13th. Much to Dennis' disgust, I needed one last swim to cool off after all my below deck chores, and then when we were ready to leave at 1 p.m. it looked like rain. He didn't care, we were off with the help of Kyeta, Equinox and Ticketoo. It rained so hard we circled off of Crew's Inn for an hour before he finally dropped the hook in 65' feet of water until we could have lunch and see again. Only one of us got wet - figure out who that was. Finally anchored in Scotland Bay around 4 p.m. and wondered why we hadn't left the dock to come up here for a few days before. Beautiful, quiet (except for the howler monkeys at dawn and dusk), and we could finally get into the water to swim.
Dennis was doing a last minute check on Tuesday before we headed off for Grenada and discovered a corroded wire on the alternator. Borrowed some wire from Cliff's Note and got that taken care of and headed off at 4 p.m. with Kyeta, Conch'd Out and Cliff's Note. What a wonderful night. Sailed almost all night, only having to turn the motor on once or twice, and we, amazingly, managed to dodge all of the rain squalls that we could see on the horizon. Lost Kyeta somewhere through the night - they had a few problems with the main and the motor. We pulled into Mt. Hartman's Bay with Conch'd Out (only bumped once when I paid attention to what Dennis was telling me, but didn't panic and got us right off), and dropped anchor at 7 a.m. Washed all the salt off the boat and put everything back where it belonged and headed into Customs and Immigration around 9 a.m. after Kyeta pulled in. We all stayed on the boat for the next day and a half, sleeping, swimming and relaxing. Decided after a couple of days to head over to Prickly Bay where we were closer to the buses and boat stores and we've been here since. Rolls a bit now and then, but it's not too bad!
I'll follow-up in the next couple of days with all the fun and excitement we've had working on our boat in an exotic location!!! ~~~_/)~~~

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