Saturday, October 25, 2008

Trip to Los Altos

We were in the restaurant at Bahia Redonda one night (I needed a break from cooking!) and Richard from Preferred Stock asked us if we'd like to join a group of people on a trip to Los Altos with Carlos, known on the radio as Charlie Alpha. We'd heard from our friends on Nereia it was a wonderful trip, so off we went. We stopped at Mermaid Falls first - how beautiful! I'll post the rest of the photos on our Picassa Web Albums.

We stopped by the pottery place, watched a lovely, elderly gentleman make paper from recycled paper and leaves, visited Carlos' house for the beautiful view and had a fantastic lunch. We had a great day with Preferred Stock (Richard and Shellee), Jus' Now (Mike and Sue), Child's Play (Mike and Kim) and Vamoose (Greg).
Sometimes it's a small world. We met Shellee from Preferred Stock back in Indiantown, Florida. Her parents owned a 32' Bayfield, Rainbow Connection. They travelled back and forth to the Bahamas with her son, their grandson, Jamal, who was a charming young lad and now the owner of Rainbow Connection.
Some of the unique work done by Maria Esther Galban at the pottery shop.


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