Sunday, January 25, 2009

Merry Xmas, Happy New Year - just a little late

Okay, so the last blog was all our boat woes. Yes, still having them, but, whatever! But ... we had a great holiday season. With our new Engel freezer, we were able to buy a small turkey breast at the grocery store, and after a long beach walk and a couple of drinks, we were back on the boat getting together a full Xmas dinner. It was so wonderful. Here is Dennis enjoying his dinner!

Decided we'd spent enough time and money at Jolly Harbour, so headed back to English Harbour between Xmas and the New Year. Met up with Samji and had a fun happy hour. Then, the fireworks from Fort Berkely on New Year's Eve were right off our stern and were spectacular. Of course, we were awoken by the fireworks because there's no way we would make it till midnight!!

Picked up anchor and have spent the past week anchored off the reef by Green Island. Wow, hard to explain, just beautiful. Wind for the wind generator all the time, but lots of swimming, snorkelling and hiking. Bob and Margo, with Paul and Bonnie, their company, pulled in Friday. Margo called on the radio on Saturday wanting to place bets on when we'd see the first boat in the 'Round the Island Race'. Amazingly, I won, with a time of 11:15 a.m. The prize was happy hour drinks, so we had a good time on Ivory Star.

Had a pretty decent downwind sail back to English Harbour today, but not a single bite on a fishing lure. Dennis was pretty disappointed.

Can you believe it, some more boat repairs, so here in English Harbour for another few days till we head to Jolly Harbour for some much needed groceries!! Then, just hanging our, waiting for our friends to arrive!!

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