Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Fun times in Bonaire

So, on our walk around Bonaire, of course we had to stop into Budget. We talked to Karen and Cheryl on Interlude who were looking for flares for their friends in Curacao, who couldn't, for some reason, get flares. We said that yes, we knew what that was like, because we had friends bring in flares from Grenada to Venezuela when we couldn't get them in Curacao, Bonaire or Venezuela. Small world - they were looking for flares for Mark and Deb on Sea Cycle, who brought us our flares from Grenada! Interlude dinghied over and dropped off the flares since we were travelling this way and they weren't sure they were. Having friends in common, we had lots to talk about!

Listened to the Coconut Telegraph (love this SSB) and heard both Sea Otter and Dignity in the anchorage in Bonaire. Had heard of Dignity, but never met them. Met Britt on Sea Otter way, way back in the Bahamas, and then introduced to Terry in Grenada. Had happy hour with Sea Otter on Dignity, a beautiful 42 Lagoon Hybrid catamaran. Wow, what a beautiful boat, and so much room!!! Steve and Helen were wonderful hosts and it took me a day to recover from happy hour, getting home close to midnight! Terry from Sea Otter is an artist, painting beautiful watercolors. She gave a gift of a painting to Helen and I, and we both appreciated it so much. A fantastic watercolor of where they were anchored in front of Yellow Submarine. Such talent!!

Dennis wanted to take Audrey Paige over to Klein Bonaire to snorkel the next day, but I so wasn't up to it. Way too much fun the night before. Interlude had said they'd like to picnic at Klein Bonaire and snorkel, so we went over and asked if they'd like to join us the next day. Arranged to pick them up, chained the dinghy to the mooring ball, and off we went. We let Dennis troll his fishing lines for an hour before we headed into one of the mooring lines to snorkel at the north end of the island. (Not a bite!!) It was okay, kind of rolly. Back to the boat to head down to the south end. So nice to have people who sail on board! I was down below getting lunch put together (with great stuff from Interlude), so Dennis took the helm while Karen and Cheryl cast us off. Tied up to a mooring down at the south end of Klein Bonaire, had lunch, then went snorkelling again. Out of all of the snorkelling we have done in Bonaire, we still say the prettiest and best snorkelling is at the south end of Klein Bonaire. Off the mooring line and into the mooring field fully charged, at last. That is the frustrating part - all of a sudden, there's no wind. After 3 weeks with continuous wind and never having to start up, running the stereo, computer, anything we can use ... we have no wind and little sun so have to start up every day for at least an hour. This was our chance to blow out the exhaust.

Boats coming and going in Bonaire, but we choose to stay here, waiting for our stuff to arrive in Curacao before we head out. Interlude wanted Sea Cycle to fly in and visit while they were waiting for their shipment (which was our shipment as well). They would fly in, stay with Interlude and sail back with us. Unfortunately (or fortunately, if you're trying to get work done) the shipment arrived Friday, so they stayed in Curacao and continued to work, and we got things together to head to Curacao and pick up our chain and bottom paint. Okay, shipment in, time to go! Karen and Cheryl had rented a truck and invited us to snorkel while they went diving. We went with them to the Salt Pier area and saw some pretty neat stuff. Then went out for Chinese food after, much to Dennis' delight. The owner was wonderful and extremely talkative, so it took Cheryl to say, 'So, okay, can we have the bill? Time to go."

Up Monday morning, listened to Chris Parker on weather, did laundry (they need a better system - we met up with other people ...Margaret and Hans on the Formossa we met in Venezuela... and were so busy talking, forgot to pay for laundry and had to walk all the way back later!), I walked to Bonaire Warehouse to pick up stuff they didn't have at Cultimara, picked up more at Cultimara, checked out at Customs and Immigration and turned our key in to Hank at the dinghy dock. Swam off the boat, and then Karen and Cheryl picked us up for dinner at Casablanca. Wow, what a deal. For $40 US you get 2 steaks, 2 pork chops, 2 sausages, pork ribs, beef ribs and a whole chicken. Then, you each get a baked potato and veg to go with that. How can you go wrong. I haven't cooked in 3 days with the leftovers we had!

Up at 6 on Tuesday morning, and off the mooring by 6:50 on the way to Curacao. Motored at first because there was no wind and we needed to charge the batteries. Really nasty looking storm system out there, and we were lucky enough to only get a few drops out of what could have been something really bad. Sailed for a few hours and they back to motoring.

Into Spaanse Waters - anchoring tales to follow! ~~_/)~~

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