Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Happy New Year!

Well, can't believe it's actually 2011.  Where are these years going????  We spent a quiet New Year's Eve, dealing with the rain yet again.  Panache came on the VHF radio early in the evening and reminded everyone that using UTC (Universal time, the old GMT), New Year's Eve was actually at 7 p.m. local time.  Woo hoo, early to bed!!  There was a group from the marina headed over to the beach to ring in the New Year, but we just didn't think we'd make it up that late.  Plus, we're out at anchorage and they're tied to a dock.

Up at a decent hour on New Year's Day, did a few boat chores (they are never ending) and then headed over to the beach.  Ended up skipping the 'Black Eyed Peas' happy hour - it's a southern thing -- because we were late back from the beach and showering.  We've been enjoying our time achored off of Red Frog, walking (no more 'hikes from hell') and joining Lynn and Randy up at Bocas Bound, Jungle Lodge and Hostel ( for lunch, drinks, or both!  The food is amazing for a reasonable price.  Beautiful homes and condos on the island for sale and rent.  Check out the different links with Bocas Bound. 

A beautiful sunset at Red Frog

Well, it's finally time to pull ourselves away from the anchorage at Red Frog, with all the amenities and wifi, and 'get out there' again.  We decided not to do The Gap, even though we finally had good light.  There's lots of shoals, reefs and shallow spots around here.  I needed a good track to leave Red Frog and go over to the Bocas Town area, so out we went, travelling down the south side of Nancy Cay, down to Johnson Cay.  Pulled in late afternoon and, guess what, it started raining again.  This is getting really, really old.  The first day was good, since we had sunlight to navigate the reefs.  On day 2, the wind changed to the southwest and, once again, we were not in a good anchorage.  Dennis wanted to give it till 2 p.m. ... at noon, I decided it was time to move.  Motored around the reefs to the back side of the island and life was good once more.  Wind with no waves.  Unfortunately, it was another corally anchorage.  Not sure on how good we're actually hooked and get to listen to the chain grind away.  The rain has been coming in waves, so we haven't been able to get off and explore.  However, we saw the most amazing double rainbow.  Check out the photos!

The middle ... and for some reason I can't download the other part
... you can't see the end of the rainbow?

Talked to Darramy, and when the weather clears we'll head over to the Jackanally Cays. Hopefully better weather and good snorkelling!

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