Friday, July 01, 2011

Time to Change Anchorages

After a couple of weeks in the East Lemmons, it's time to visit some more of the anchorages we love.  Plus, we really need to do laundry.  Not much wind these days, so we motorsailed over and anchored off of the Mangles River.  Took a dinghy trip up the river to check things out, pick up shower water, and check out the tide to do laundry the next day.

The Mangles River

After doing our month's worth of laundry, we headed back to the boat to wring it out and hang it up to dry.  Luckily, a small wind came up and everything dried before the rain started.  Sometimes you just get lucky!  Only saw one croc at the beginning of the river, nowhere near where we do laundry, so I was a happy person.  Nothing like looking over your shoulder for the hour it takes to wash and rinse everything.

Somehow, when we were up in Bocas the chartplotter managed to dump all of my tracks for getting in and out of the San Blas anchorages.  So, a few discussions about which reef to cut through to get into the Nabadup and Cambombia anchorage.  I didn't agree with Dennis, so instead of arguing, I turned the helm over to him and decided I would watch the depths from the bow.  That lasted two minutes, and he decided it would be smarter to let me go where I thought we should!  In safely and nothing less than 30 feet!!!

Mark and Deb on Sea Cycle have finally arrived in the San Blas and are heading down our way after they check in.  Had fun catching up, but we decided we needed some stronger internet for banking that needed to be done, so we headed off to Green Island, where they'll join us in a day or two.  As always, we don't anchor near each other, for privacy, but manage to get together when the mood strikes!

Was this container empty when it
floated to shore? 
Did some snorkeling over at Esnasdup, wondering where that container came from.  Then, off to the Western Hollandes where the snorkeling was probably the best we've seen down here.  It got a little rolly and we were chased out by a backpacker boat who anchored too close.  When your dinghies can mate, they're too close.  Off to the Central Hollandes for a few days for more snorkeling, and then to the Swimming Pool in the Eastern Hollandes. I'm seeing way too many sharks out here.  A smiling nurse shark was swimming my way -- nice to know Dennis can hear me underwater when it's a high pitched scream!!  Finally managed to have Bob and Sue from Sunrise over for happy hour, along with Mark and Deb.  Had a fun night.

The next day, while we were out snorkeling again (need exercise) we saw a beautiful 57' Nordhaven pulling into the anchorage.  Met Mike and Lynn on Time2.  Dennis went out fishing with Mike, and then they invited us over for dinner that night.  They even turned the air conditioning on!!!  Great food and company.

Back to the Western Hollandes since there seems to be some sun for snorkeling (looking for those elusive sea horses!), and then to the East Lemmons, getting ready to head back to Portobello.  Zack and Cody, our 13 year old grandsons, are arriving July 4th, so we need to get fuel, water and, most importantly, groceries!!


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