Wednesday, September 07, 2011

Home For The Summer

I'm not quite sure where this summer has gone ... all I know is that we've been really, really busy.  The first couple of weeks back was catching up with family and doing all that babysitting, then getting ready for Kelly and Charlie's wedding.

This is what we wake up to when

New bedroom set
New couch
In between time, we were spending a lot of time looking for condos.  We had a price range, and it was getting a little frustrating trying to find something in that price range.  Put a bid in on one place and got overbid with a cash offer.  Then, nothing else seemed to measure up.  We'd been driving around our old condo complex hoping to see if something came up, but no luck.  On our fourth trip through, we stopped to see one of our old neighbors who was sitting on his porch.  He told us about a woman who died in one of the condos behind him, that the daughter was putting it up for sale, and she lived in the homes behind the complex.  We knocked on the door, 'Sorry about your loss, but do you want to sell the condo?', took a look through and shook on the deal.  Unfortunately, we had changed our flights too early, and now we'll have to change them again!  But, we've got the place we want, near the bike path and the beach!  Now, spending lots of money on paint, flooring, carpeting and furniture ... but spinning our wheels waiting for the closing date.

Kelly and Charlie got married on Friday, August 12th, and then there was an open house on Saturday.  Busy, busy time, but lots of fun.

Charlie, Kelly, Parker and

Family photos

Nikki, Tara and Tania

Avory. Emmy, Brooklyn and Ryenn

With Tania and Kelly

Shaun and Kelly

After Parker's football game (photos next time!), we headed over to Tania and Rich's with Zack so that the boys could spend time together again.  After swimming and dinner, we went back to Kelly and Charlie's, and after a lunch at White Castle, the boys dropped me off at Shaun's for a couple of days while they spent guy time together, going to the gun show and then, supposedly to go shooting.  Well, I guess the law has changed and you have to be 18 now.  So, after I got back, we headed out to pick the boys up and Dennis took the gun to Chris and MA's, where they have targets set up.  The boys had a blast shooting, one more night at Kelly and Charlie's, and then took Cody home the next day.
Cody shooting
Zack shooting

Can't believe it's back to school time already.  Here's Shaun's girls, first day going to school!

Ryenn, Avory and Emmy


Cruising with Highstates said...

WOW; So many changes Dennis and Allayne. Congratulations on getting the condo of your choice and your potential furnishings look great and comfortable...Another chapter in your lives. We miss you both and wish you a quick sale on Audrey Paige. Maybe we'll see you next year if we do the Intercoastal? Love lynn and Randy

Anonymous said...

We have enjoyed reading about your adventures. Hope you are ready to shovel snow again.

Jim Sullivan, 1st Captain of the Audrey Paige.

Anonymous said...

I may have missed a blog post ? Have you sold the boat ?