Tuesday, March 06, 2012

High Winds

Some days are just frustrating and I get tired of doing boat chores or baking to keep busy. Although, I do get a lot of reading in and love my Kindle! With high winds also come high seas, so we're not able to snorkel. Great for our friends that kite. But, when that sun comes out, off we go to explore.

Edie and Connie

Met up with Panda, Better Days and Blue Sky just off Waisaladup, and celebrated Deb on Blue Sky's birthday on Panda. Pizza, with carrot cake for dessert:)

Sea Cycle made it to the San Blas (stuck in the marina and Portobelo with high winds), and we finally met up with Mark and Deb in Esnasdup. Spent a happy hour on Nirvana Now with Randy and Dawn from Sault Ste. Marie. They've been back in Canada doing that nasty work thing, so it was good to catch up with them again. Met John and Jen from Elisa, a young Canadian couple, who have the best of both worlds. They used to be Coast Guard, now work on ships with 3 months on, 3 months off.
Crew of Elisa
Dawn and Randy from Nirvana Now

Getting ready to take the boat back to the States, and selling all the extra little goodies that won't make a difference in the sale, but make a difference in our pocketbook! Sold the 5 hp outboard, the sewing machine, spear gun, Hawaiian sling, yogurt maker, blender and all kinds of fishing gear. This boat is getting empty!

My last load of onboard laundry

Great news from home -- my sister, Gail, is coming to visit!! Deb and I will head into Panama City for a girls weekend, since her friend and nephew arrive that weekend as well.


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