Tuesday, February 27, 2007


Enjoyed a couple of weeks at St. Anne's, and then it was time to move on before returning for Carnival. We had brunch on Kyeta to say goodbye to Equinox who, sadly, have to make their way north. We picked up anchor around 11:30, along with Equinox, to head to Grande Anse D'Arlet. It was a downwind sail and we thought we'd try a trick we'd been told to try - double reefed main and wing on wing. Well, it didn't work. We slogged along at around 2 knots and finally gave up and motored in. (Two weeks later we used the spinnaker - more on the 7 knot sail later)
Picked up Dick and Moira (Equinox) in the morning and walked the beach with them before they headed out. Spent 3 days in Grande Anse D'Arlet, snorkelling, hiking over to Petite D'Arlet and back, cleaning the bottom of the boat and just hanging out. The water here is warm, clear and beautiful. Left Grande D'Arlet, planning to head to Anse Noir, but it looked too crowded, so we motored up to Anse l'Ane. Spent a rolly night there with the ferry traffic, walked the town, then headed back to Anse Noir. Had a great anchorage, snorkelling and hiking. Left Anse Noir and motored down to Petite D'Arlet where, again, we did some great snorkelling. It was a pretty good anchorage until about 2 a.m., when the winds changed and the roll came in. We had planned on going into the market in Petite D'Arlet, but decided to leave at 7 a.m. and hit the market in St. Anne's instead. Pulled into St. Anne's around noon, headed to the market, picked up supplies and then into town for the first Carnival parade!
More later!

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