Friday, March 09, 2007

Martinique Carnival

Well, we arrived back in St. Annes after a 4 hour sail, stopping by to say hi to Kyeta and then head into town to pick up the fresh fruit and veg that we missed in Petite D'Arlet. Casa Del Mar and Ticketoo pulled in just after us, and everyone got together to celebrate the first night of Carnival - the crowning of the Queen. One would normally think that would be a young beauty queen, but it was the older women, and they were wonderful. On Sunday morning Frank and Gretchen on Infinity decided that we needed a good hike to Salinas Bay in the southern tip of Martinique. We left at 10 a.m., hiked, swam, hiked, body surfed, hiked, ate, body surfed, hiked - you get the picture. Got back to the dock around 5:30 when the young kids were going to parade, but we headed back to the boat to collapse, while Infinity stayed in town. Monday came with clouds and rain - ALL DAY! It was the transvestite night, but we passed it up because we were tired. While we missed it that night, they continued for the next two nights, so didn't miss much!
Washed the boat in the rain and got a lot of boat chores done. Infinity decided that we should have dinner on their boat, so we brought over our Mexican Train domino game and I kicked everyone's butt!! Missed the parade, but had a great time! Went into town the next two days. Tuesday was red and white day, and Wednesday was black and white day - burn that devil! It was a small Carnival, but a lot of fun. Wish I could figure out how to post more pictures! The first photo (when it gets posted) will be of Denny and Ann on Kyeta, Tom and PJ on Conch'd Out, Frank and Gretchen on Infinity, Anna on Sashimi and, DW on Audrey Paige.
Loving the life!!!!!!!!!!!~/_)~

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