Thursday, June 11, 2009

Carriacou and Grenada

Left Bequia and decided to head to Canuoan to check out, since Union really isn't one of our favourite places to do that. Had a good sail, but no fish, pulling in with a good downpour to rinse all the salt water off the boat and give Allayne a refreshing shower at the helm. Hiked into the airport in the afternoon (the Customs officer stopped along the way and asked if we wanted a lift, but we told him we needed the exercise!) and checked out with both Customs and Immigration. How easy. Asked if the x-ray machine would show how broken my finger was but I guess it's just for bags. Up early in the morning, heading around the northwest coast of Union and into Tyrell Bay, Carriacou. Another great sail, but this time we got the anchor down in Tyrell Bay before the sky opened up. Took the bus into Hillsborough from Tyrell Bay (okay, so you're supposed to anchor in Hillsborough to check in, not Tyrell -- oops!) The new regulations are that everyone has to be at Immigration and show their faces because of the swine flu epidemic in South America, making sure everyone is healthy. That's fair.

When we anchored, we pulled in behind Sam and Margie on Encatada and found out that Carolyn and Rick on Wind-Borne III are still here as well. We haven't seen either boat in 2 years, so when we got together we had a great time.

Sam and Margie
-what a cute couple
Rick and Carolyn
Wind-Borne III - our sistership

Did our exploring in Carriacou and then headed down to Grenada. Sailed down the windward side, another fantastic sail with low winds and good seas but, unfortunately, no fish. Pulled into Prickly Bay and finally met up with Linda and Mike on Casa Del Mar and John and Nancy on Silver Seas! That time of year, the boats are pulling into Grenada - Dreamtime, Samji, Hoofbeats, Bees Knees, Drum ... the list goes on. We forgot how active Grenada is - happy hours, book swaps, tutoring kids, oil down, tours and more tours. We've done the Guave night, and hamburger night at Clarke's Court Bay.
Great music on a Wednesday night at Clarke's Court Bay
The adorable kids on
Stray Kitty
Mike and Linda on Casa Del Mar

Met up with Jim and Ann on Bees Knees again and asked Ann's opinion on my finger (she's an ER nurse). She said it didn't look good and I should have it looked at before I went home. Well, for $100 US I saw a family physician, had x-rays of my hand and saw an orthopedic surgeon. Couldn't do that in the States. Dr. Noel was great, but said that since we were going back to the States in a few weeks and had insurance, he thought I should see a hand surgeon instead of him doing anything. Stay tuned!

We're in the marina at Clarke's Court Bay now, cleaning up and ready to head home next week. Can't wait to see all of our babies. Best thing is, for Taylour's grade 8 graduation (she's our eldest grandchild at almost 14), we've booked her to come back with us to Grenada for 3 weeks. I don't know who's more excited - her or the two of us!!!!! The plans we have ..... ~~~/_)~~~

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