Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Happy Holidays

Happy holidays from Aruba. We've enjoyed our stay in the Vegas of the Caribbean, but there's a good weather window and we're on our way to Columbia on Friday morning. I'll post blogs while we travel, but these are the last of the photos for awhile.

We've enjoyed our time in Aruba, and were thrilled when Dick and Moira on Equinox arrived last week. They did it the quick way - Charleston, SC to Puerto Rico, then Puerto Rico to Bonaire, Curacao and now Aruba. We met back in 2006 on our way down to Trinidad, and then met Sea Cycle in Trinidad. We had happy hour -- or many hours -- on Equinox along with Sea Cycle. Lots of fun and stories.

Dennis and Mark went over to help Andy and Jeannie on Dragonfly over to the haulout yard to get a few things done. Turns out their boat was too heavy to haul out, but it gave Deb and I a morning by ourselves to walk around, pick up a few things and enjoy a latte at Starbucks! Went for our last provisioning yesterday, when Equinox had a car. Not quite sure how I spent over $300 when I really didn't need anything! After I stowed everything away, I think I still have room for another bottle or two of wine! Defrosted the fridge this morning so that I could organize -- really, I don't need any more food. We won't starve.

This is everything that I can fit in my fridge!

Dennis decided that I'm in charge of the dinghy to head down to Barcadera Customs and Immigration to check out, so Mark and Dick will go with me. I do love our 15 hp motor! Plus, the guys will block the waves! I'll take the camera and get some photos, since I didn't get any of the 6 of us the other night.
Wishing everyone a happy holiday season! ~~~_/)~~~

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CW Bill Rouse said...

Love the photo of you two! Enjoy your trip to Cartagena. Miss you guys.