Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Eastern Lemons

Well, it was tough, but we picked up anchor today and had a perfect jib sail from Banedup in the Holandes to Banedup in the East Lemons. Actually, we're achored off Nuinudup in the Eastern Lemons and our position is N09.33.69 W078.51.71.

Started off the morning yesterday going snorkelling with Dan. I had the camera in the dinghy - I just forgot to take it in the water with me. When the sun came out, the reef and the fish were beautiful. A place to go back to and take the camera!!

Then had a wonderful afternoon when Gary and Linda on Rainbowrider set up 'a swimming pool' off the back of their boat. They string noodles off the back of the boat so that you stay contained in that area while you float about. Elaine and Harry on Zydeco and Dan and Jaime on Nereia were also there. Then we all went home, showered, cleaned up and headed back to Rainbowrider. Jaime wanted to cook for everyone, but it's a little tough to put 8 people in the cockpit of a 35' Baba. So ... Jaime did all the cooking and brought everything over to Rainbowrider, since they're a 40' catamaran. Lots of room and a really fun night . We hadn't seen Gary and Linda for two years, when they left Venezuela before us in 2008. Then, in the morning, Linda brought banana nut muffins over to all of us before we left. Nereia and Zydeco are heading back to the States, but we'll meet up with Rainbowrider again!

A peaceful anchorage here in the Eastern Lemons, where we have wind but no seas. Love that. Had a couple of dugout canoes visit today to sell molas. It's an embroidery type thing, and the work is beautiful. Prices were reasonable and we gave one of our Audrey Paige hats and some fish hooks to the young boy that was the son and grandson.

These women were beautiful and did amazing work

Dan's going to take us exploring tomorrow. ~~_/)~~

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