Friday, April 09, 2010

Clear, Blue Water!

After all that packing stuff away, off we went, heading towards Salardup. Started off motoring to charge the batteries, just pounding into the small seas and current. Finally got past the reef, put up all sails, and had a great sail to Salardup. Sea Cycle left after us and decided to head up to Esnusdup, and we got some great shots while they passed by.

Anchored in Salardup, ready to relax, but George and Pixie on Silver Seas called to tell us about bocci ball on the beach and then happy hour. We passed on bocci, but made it in for happy hour. Gary on Rainbow Rider called on Sunday morning to invite us over to Dream Weaver for a Texas Hold'em poker game. What a fun afternoon. Ended up with Karin and Paul on Dream Weaver putting together a great Mexican feast with ourselves, Jeff and Una on Dragonfly, Gary and Linda on Rainbowrider and Scott and Kim on Anthyllide. Lots and lots of laughs!

Stayed a couple of days and then off to join Mark and Deb in Esnusdup. Anchored near the lagoon in shallow, clear water ... then the wind died and the no-see-ums arrived. For me, it doesn't take much - I was chewed alive in Salardup in 25 kt. winds. Where did they come from? Picked up anchor when Dennis saw them buzzing in and out of the screens, and moved down to the tip of one of the islands where we had some breeze and no bugs. Mark and Deb on Sea Cycle headed up to Green Island to begin their week of boat watching for Sojourn, while we headed back to Nabadup and laundry.

Found a new spot to anchor in Nabadup - a 12' sandbar with lots of swinging room in case of wind shifts. Lots of privacy! Up the river to do our laundry before we head over to Green Island for our boat watch week. I made sure I was totally bug-proofed this time. Wore my reef guard shirt and long gauze pants. Tired of no-see-ums making a meal out of me!

Laundry done, time to head off to Green and meet up with Sea Cycle for our turn at watching Sojourn. ~~~_/)~~~

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