Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Swimming Pool

Okay, it's time to catch up on the blog site, since we've had so much happen. Anchored in the Swimming Pool anchorage with way too many boats, just so that we could do the Monday night happy hour. Spent more time with Homer's Odyssey - need to email and keep in touch with them!! So enjoyed their company.

Jeff, Valerie and Andrea

Paul and Karin

Paul on Dream Weaver stopped by and invited us over for Mexican dinner and to meet their guests. Had a wonderful night with Paul and Karin, their guests Jeff, Valerie and Andrea, Anthylide, Sea Cycle and ourselves. We all pitched in, had a great meal and hopefully didn't leave Karin too much mess to clean up. Valerie and her daughter, Andrea (I hope I have the name right!) admired Dennis' bracelet, so he was up first thing in the morning to make one for them before they left.

It was Easter weekend and the Kuna Port Authority decided to drive around to each boat to attempt to collect money. They inspected our paperwork, Dennis did the whole Detroit Police, US Marine thing, told them we were heading to Nargana for me to fly out, and they were great. Everyone else was charged in all the anchorages. We left the Holandes, went to Nabadup, then to Nargana, and every time the panga with the military and Kunas passed our boat, they all smiled and waved! Sometimes professional courtesy works!

So, here I am, off on Air Panama, back to visit the kids and grandkids. Dennis is sad, but I'm excited!!!!! ~~~_/)~~~

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