Tuesday, August 02, 2011

Zack and Cody - Part 1

Left the East Lemmons  bright and early to head to Portobello, on our way to pick up Zack and Cody.  Mark and Deb on Sea Cycle were out ahead of us, and having engine problems.  We motorsailed, and they pretty well sailed the whole way to Portobello.  We had three hits on our lines, and ended up bringing in one and a half tuna. Actually saw the shark that took our half tuna!

Tucked into the town side of Portobello for a change, by the town dock.  Needed water, fuel, groceries, and picking the boys up, so needed to be close.  Mark and Deb were great, taking us into the dock to pick up the bus to Panama City and then doing a couple of trips to take us back to the boat.  Long, long trip into Panama City.  Obviously the slow buses!  Plus, there is always a checkpoint on the way into Panama City, and they decided our bus was the one to stop.  Yeah, they took off students and housewives to check out, there was a 45 minute delay.

Zack and Cody's passports
Flying into Miami
Went to Price Smart, and then decided we ran out of time and needed to get to the airport.  Roger picked us up and while were standing at the airport, thought they should have been out by now!  Turned out their luggage didn't make their flight, but would hopefully be in on the 8 p.m. flight.  American Airlines gave us $100 credit for each of the kids to pick up what they needed for a day.  That's great, but now we have to stop at the mall and pick them up clothes and undies!  Worked out well, and we got into Portobello around 8 at night, with Mark picking us up and doing trips between the dock and our boat.

In Panama City
And here's Audrey Paige at anchor
in Portobello
The boys had an early night while I put away as many groceries as I could without disturbing them.  Touring tomorrow!!


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Cruising with Highstates said...

Nice picture of the boat...hope the boys had a good time...Randy and Lynn