Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Zack and Cody - Part 3

Watching a movie
We picked up the anchor Monday morning after breakfast and headed over to Cambombia.  Actually sailed!  It was hot, and after we anchored off of Nabadup everyone went into the water until the jellyfish and trash came in.  I don't remember all these jellyfish last summer, or all this trash!  Had lunch and then took the dinghy over to the little island off Cambombia to snorkel.  Saw only a couple of jellyfish, lots of lion fish and a big snapper that Dennis wasn't able to spear.  Back to the boat, collapsed, burgers for dinner and then the boys watched Shrek 3 when we went to bed.

The weather looked  questionable for travelling north later in the week, so we decided we'd pick up anchor after the boys took a trip up the Mangles River, and I baked more chocolate chip cookies. Planning to head to Porvenir to check out, up to Portobelo and into Shelter Bay early.  With the jellyfish in the water, at least in the marina the boys can swim.

Had lunch, it looked calm, no wind, so picked up the anchor and decided to just motor to Porvenir.  Only a minute or two of panic when I followed my track and found myself in 9 feet of water ... never saw less than 30 feet coming in.  ???  An hour out, looked to the stern and ... where the hell did that storm come from???  Dark skies, thunder, lightening, tons of rain and wind.  The boys went down and did their usual -- spread out and fell asleep.  Dennis took the helm in his raincoat, and I stood in the companionway, in my raincoat -- he was trying to see ahead and I was trying to judge the lightening and tell him to take his hands away from the helm.  Worst weather we've seen in forever.  A mile away from the West Lemmons and we couldn't even see the island chain.  Heard there were 35 knots an hour plus of wind, and I can believe it.  Finally anchored in Porvenir, watching while one of the local boats was trying to pull a catamaran off the reef, where they'd dragged during the storm. Took the dinghy into shore to check out with the Port Captain ... and the boys slept on.  The temp has dipped down to the low 80's, so no swimming :)  Again, dinner and early night.
A sunbow we saw underway

We were up early and underway by 6 a.m. .. and again, the boys slept on.  Dennis decided not to put any fishing lines out since we were ready to head home ... and the boys were sleeping.  About 9 a.m., while we were off the reef, we had hundreds of dolphins all over.  The boys hadn't really done well with the sailing part of the trip, so I talked Dennis out of waking them up, until he could take no more and woke them up.  They were thrilled.  Since they don't do well with the sailing part, we're doing a direct run to Portobelo, and then into the marina a couple of days later.


More dolphins

                                                Stay tuned for Zack and Cody - Part 4!


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