Saturday, August 29, 2009

Taylour in the Tobago Cays

Up early and actually sailed. I wasn't happy that Dennis put up the Yankee (the big jib), and we were over much more than I was happy with and, wow, what a first experience for Taylour. Gave her ginger tablets and the wrist bands and she was okay. Sailed by Union and Palm Islands, and then had to motor into the south anchorage of the Tobago Cays. The Park Rangers were waiting to collect their fees, and I have no problem with that. There really is a difference since we were here 2 years ago. Putting in the mooring balls and blocking off the beach access in a few places has made a great difference in the turtle population.

Wonderful snorkelling in the Cays and Taylour and I actually saw a small shark swimming in the shallows. We were really hoping that mama wasn't close by! Saw tons of turtles.

Decided that instead of exploring some of the close islands, we'd take the boat over to Petit Tabec (where they filmed some of the Pirates of the Caribbean). Well, for me, at the helm, it was challenging. Deep, shallow, deep, shallow, lots of reefs! Good lunch spot. Walked the beach and actually found 5 sea beans - 4 hamburger and a purse. Taylour doesn't realize what a great beach walk that is!!

Picked up anchor after lunch and sailed over to Petit St. Vincent. Another place we haven't been in our 4 years down here. Loved it so much, we stayed 2 days. Weren't real impressed with Petit Martinique, and it wasn't quite the provisioning place that Doyle's guides made it out to be. But, lots of great swimming and snorkelling around PSV, which we loved!

Now, back to Grenada! ~~~_/)~~~
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