Saturday, August 29, 2009

With Taylour, still having fun

So, we decided to head up to Carriacou for the Regatta. Left Prickly to anchor off Grande Anse, take Taylour to the beach there, and explore downtown St. George's some more before we headed off. Had a good motorsail to Grande Anse. Taylour is amazing, a few days on the boat and she can tell when we get a good hook or not. Which we don't get in Grande Anse Beach. We've never had luck, it's like a parking lot! Taylour was a natural, she could actually tell that. Took the dinghy in, walked the beach and Taylour bought some jewellery.

A really rolly night (she had that experience for the first time, not the last), so we decided to head into Pt. Louis and pick up a mooring ball. Had read Wandering Dolphin's blog (they travel with 5 kis), and discovered that for around $12 US a night on a mooring, you get all the marina facilities. A fresh water pool and, most importantly for a teenage girl, SHOWERS!

Picked up the mooring ball bright and early, ran the motor to charge, picked up some more groceries before heading off to Carriacou, then into the marina for the pool, showers and a srawberry fruity drink for Taylour. An early night for us, since we wanted to be on the way by 7 by the latest to get to Tyrell Bay. Poor Taylour, not a good trip. Went down to go to the bathroom and got sick. Brought her up on deck, gave her liquids, covered her head with a cold cloth and then the rest of her with a cold pareo. She was okay as long as she had a cold cloth over her face and her IPOD in her ear! What a trooper. Once we got into Tyrell Bay and anchored, she was in the water and was fine. Stayed Friday night till Saturday morning, then over to Sandy Cay for 2 days. The first time we've stayed there in our 4 years down here. Absolutely amazing snorkelling. Plus, the boats from the Regatta were really close.

Taylour at Sandy Cay!

Tobago Cays, next stop. ~~~/_)~~~

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