Sunday, August 30, 2009

Back to Grenada

After the rain squalls passed we picked up anchor and sailed the windward side of Carriacou down to Isla Ronde, a small group of islands just north of Grenada. Who knew there were so many reefs on the windward side of Carriacou that extended so far out? Wow! Dodged rain all day, and ended up motorsailing with the rain curtains up. Made being able to see a tad difficult, but we stayed dry. Decided to give Taylour her Gravol instead of the ginger tablets, only because we were worried about the seas being choppy. Not a good move. While she did sleep, she woke up groggy and cranky - so not herself!! It took her till dinnertime to feel normal again, and then her cheerfulness was once again back full force.

The best thing was, for the first time since we left the Bahamas, Dennis caught a mahi mahi. At four feet long, a real nice one! Taylour was our good luck charm. Once it was on board the rain came down hard and we had to hover off the island for half an hour before we could see to get in to anchor. Kind of rolly, and thought about heading down to Grenada, but with Taylour feeling, as she puts it, kind of poopy, we decided to let her watch movies on the computer and put up with the roll. Put the dinghy in the water to explore the island a bit, but not too much to see. Would like to have snorkelled, but the weather just wasn't co-operating. We didn't have a good enough hook to put a bridle on and the roll got worse through the night. I was close to waking everyone up at 4 a.m. to leave since there was a full moon and we could have left with no problem. Up at 5:30 and moved Taylour to the setee to sleep while we picked up anchor and left. She slept great underway, I made her pancakes for breakfast and she was happy once again. With leaving nice and early, we were anchored in Prickly Bay, on the south coast of Grenada, in time for a swim before lunch.

We spent 2 days in Prickly Bay, enjoying swimming off the boat whenever we wanted. Then headed back up to the Lagoon into Pt. Louis Marina. They had a great deal for Carnival - spend 2 nights, get the 3rd free, plus 5 free Carib every day. That did it for Dennis. Pulling in was challenging! We had to go sideways, and we don't have a bow thruster. It was interesting, but Junior pushed our stern with his dinghy and we didn't end up with our bow in our neighbor's cockpit! At least we had one extra person to help with Taylour on board. She wishes us luck leaving. Thanks!

Once again, pool and showers and a short walk to town. No need to take a bus in to see any activities. Taylour is a fish, so we spent lots of time in the pool! We arrived Sunday, and J'Ouvert started around 3 a.m. Monday. Lots of loud music, people painting, etc. Taylour did roll out of bed at 5 and we saw the end of it. I loved it, I woke her up and Grandpa got the dirty looks because he told her she could sleep any time, this was a once in a lifetime thing. We watched for a bit, electing not to walk downtown and get painted along the way. Back to the boat, I made eggs for breakfast and Taylour went back to bed. Dennis and I went down to the pool. It's so hot in the marina. Being out at anchor is much nicer!

Met Mike, Linda and Jenny on Opus (Jenny is 12) and the girls had a great time together. We went down to the Monday night Mas for some dancing and parading and took Jenny with us. We took a lot of our glow sticks with us and the local kids really enjoyed it when we shared. We went back to the boat and the girls watched a movie. This is killing us, they stay up way past our bedtime! Unfortunately it rained heavy off and on all day Tuesday, so the costume parade was cancelled. We did manage to get some pool time in between the showers. Can't believe Taylour is leaving already. Where did that time go? ~~~_/)~~~

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