Thursday, November 05, 2009

In the Aves

Well, we talked with Chris on the SSB and he told us that if we wanted brisk winds of 20-25 and 8 ft seas on our downwind sail, then Saturday would be a good day to leave. Hmmm, I think we did that the last time and we passed. Ended up leaving the main island after a couple of days and anchoring over by Isla Oueste. I think we found the only sand spot to anchor in! Snorkelling was okay, but because the wind was a continuous 20, with gusts 22-25, there was a constant chop behind the reef, which made swimming off the boat a little challenging. How to drown beside the boat! Walked around Isla Oueste ... now we're ready to leave.

Left Monday for Sotovento. Jibed back and forth and not a bad sail, pulling in early afternoon. Had planned on staying a day or two, then changed our mind. We've been out 3 weeks, we're ready for civilization and company!

The seas were still 4-6 ft., with an occasional 8-10 thrown in. It was, 'Wow, where did that come from?' We did get a double hit on the fishing lines - one on the handline and one on the pole. Both mahis!!! Got the larger mahi from the pole on deck first and then had the handline right next to the boat when the hook actually snapped off the lure. Frustrating, but it was the smaller fish. The one we brought aboard was about a 3 ft. mahi that we divided up into 5 meals, so we were happy. Dennis realized it wasn't really fun to be fishing with the poles, so we brought those in and just left the handline out for the rest of the trip. Tried to heave to to get the fish on board and just couldn't with the current. There's just times you don't put the poles out!

We were buzzed by the Coast Guard plane 15 miles out of Bonaire, and that was interesting. Attached to the mooring ball around 5 p.m. (after dodging 2 cruise ships leaving the harbour), and decided to wait until Wednesday morning to check in. Note to others - don't lie about your check-in time to Customs, especially after you've been buzzed by Coast Guard and reported as arriving by them. They were diplomatic about it, but knew that we hadn't arrived at 7 a.m. on Wednesday, but had been there since Tuesday night.

Dennis decided we needed to do all of our walking in one day, since we'd been on the boat so long. I wish he'd let me know ahead of time which shoes I should be wearing! Checked in with Customs, Immigration, picked up our snorkelling tags, walked down to the marina to pay for the mooring ball, and then over to Bonaire Superstore to look for some spray bottles. Why do they all die at once?

We do love Bonaire, especially now that we have a 15 hp dinghy motor instead of the 5. We can go farther and faster! The mooring ball that we took is closer to town than the last time, and that can be challenging at times with the bands playing well into the night. It's funny what I can shut out and what Dennis can. I have no problem not hearing the really bad karaoke, which Dennis hears and can't get out of his head. Tonight we have a drum contest, and that's interesting!

More Bonaire to follow. ~~_/)~~

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CW Bill Rouse said...

This posting makes me long for Bonaire again! I am getting like Bill -- looking forward to cruising the Caribbean again. Hope you are still around somewhere down there when we eventually make it around.