Thursday, October 22, 2009

Los Aves

Well, didn't make it into Cayo de Aqua - 6 boats there and we didn't want to crowd in. Instead, anchored over by Becqueve and it turned out to be a good choice. Once again, 2 other boats here and they left by mid-afternoon. Was it something we said?? Love the solitude though and the beach here is beautiful. Took our burnable trash in, dug a hole in the sand, lit a fire, and away it went, reduced to ashes. We always separate trash when we're out for long periods of time. Glass is put aside, filled with sea water and thrown overboard when we're offshore. Cans and plastic are rinsed out and put aside to be thrown away once we get to land. Paper and cardboard are put in the trash to burn, and food stuffs just get thrown overboard to feed the fish.

Up early and off to Aves de Barlavento. Just a long slow day. The winds were light, seas down, but even tacking back and forth, it was just slow. Finally, at 2p.m. we turned the motor on and motored into the anchorage by 3:15. There's a couple of fishing boats here and 3 other sailboats. One way out on the reef, one in the southernmost anchorage, and then ourselves and a boat from Denmark in the second anchorage. A quiet night, with pizza for dinner, since there was only one hit on the fishing line and it was a small mackeral that got off.

The weather has changed a bit, stronger winds, bigger seas and squalls, so we might be here longer than we originally planned. We were here for weather last time for 7 days - hopefully that won't happen again! Now, with the SSB, we can actually ask Chris Parker, our weather guru, for the weather for our area and his opinion based on all of his satellite information and internet (which we don't have access to out here).

Next stop, Aves de Sotovento, then on to Bonaire. ~~~_/)~~~

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