Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Blanquilla to Tortuga

Listened to Eric from Trinidad for weather on Sunday morning and decided to leave that night for Tortuga. Dennis went fishing and caught enough Rock Hinds for 2 meals, while I cleaned and made sure everything really was put away safe and sound! Had fish and rice for lunch, then went snorkelling. We love Blanquilla. The reefs are alive and tons of fish. Unfortunately, no lobster! The sand is so white, when the sun is out and you're snorkelling, it's blinding. Back on board for a little nap and then swimming again before we leave.

Lifted the anchor around 5:30 and killed the motor after we raised the sails. None of that diesel smell this time. Had the yankee up (the big jib) till the wind picked up around midnight in gusts, and then sailed with the reefed main and the staysail. A north swell, so kind of wallowing seas, but no one was seasick! Tuned into the Coconut Telegraph at 4060 SSB at 8 a.m. and were able to talk to Mystic Journey in Grenada and did a relay for Fine Line in Bonaire. I'm lovin' this SSB! Then talked to Pat on Mobetah in Tampa on Monday night. Very pleased and impressed with Dennis' installation!

We finally saw Tortuga and couldn't figure out what we were seeing down at Cayo Herradura. Brought out the binoculars and what looked like a city was actually tons of boats. It was a Venezuelan holiday and there were at least 50-70 power boats (at the price of gas and diesel they can travel long distances!), 10 sailboats and a Coast Guard cutter. That was Monday around 10 a.m. This morning, Tuesday, there were only 3 sailboats left. Cayo Herradura is another beautiful spot to be anchored. White, white sand and turquoise blue water. The Venezuelan out islands are very similar to the Bahamas.

Found another water leak in the cold water hose for the sink in the head. That blood pressure monitor (that we haven't used in 6 years) is garbage. Threw it in there 6 years ago and forgot about it. Oops, left the batteries in! So another fixing project for Dennis and cleaning for me. Made carrot cake for our breakfast tomorrow morning, and leaving tonight for Los Roques. And, just in case we get a visit from Coast Guard again, I like to have something sweet on board. Dennis is napping now. We've found it's better for us if I get to sleep first and take a 5 hour shift at night. Dennis just doesn't do well with sailing in the middle of the night, where I don't have a problem with it. My IPOD and a book and I'm all set. If only my thermos actually worked and I could drink hot coffee instead of lukewarm!

Hoping for a good sail and I'll blog again when we get to Los Roques.

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