Friday, October 09, 2009

Back in Blanquilla

So ... what an interesting trip. Left Prickly Bay just before 1 a.m. on Tuesday morning after a rain squall went through. Motorsailed for about 4 hours and did 50 miles by 9 a.m. Unfortunately, motorsailing downwind gives us diesel fumes in the cockpit, so by the time we shut the motor off, neither one of us were feeling very well. I went down to listen to Eric's weather and go to the bathroom ... bad idea! Turned the SSB up to listen in the cockpit while taking deep breaths. Dennis went down later and that was the end of him. He was seasick the rest of the time. He was able to do watch for about an hour to an hour and a half. If he went too long, he was over the side. At least he was able to sleep off watch, I wasn't. Then we had a squall go through Tuesday afternoon. Luckily we had put up all the rain curtains, but still got wet. The seas were just sloppy, tossing us all over the place downwind. In fact, a couple of waves hit, tossed us, knocked the cushion off the back of the setee and beer and pop dropped onto the sette and then onto the floor. Yes, you know one can had to break, and it was the diet coke. Then my nice clean cushion fell on top of it! What a mess to clean up underway.

Finally pulled into Blanquilla on Wednesday, just after noon. After water, ginger cookies and Ritz crackers, finally made scrambled eggs and toast to soothe our stomachs, and then mac and cheese for dinner. A new way to diet!

Went to bed at 7 and woke up at 7 the next morning. Started out to be a good day. Listened to weather, took another nap and then dinghied around to Americano Bay to swim and snorkel. So, on the way there, Dennis decided to run the handline out and troll. A fish hooked on and took the handline and all. Then, over to Americano Bay, taking photos with the underwater camera. Into the water we go, go to take a photo of Dennis underwater, and the camera freezes halfway open. When we get out, find out the seals had failed and we had salt water in the camera. Washed everything out with fresh water, but no luck, it's toast!. Have an extended warranty, but it doesn't do me much good right now!!! Then, on the way back to the boat my favorite hat blew off. Dennis caught it, but in trying to grab it myself, I knocked my sunglasses into the water. Can you say, blub, blub, blub? Yes, I will now put sunglass keepers (which I hate and drive me nuts) on my glasses. Thank goodness I bought some new glasses in Grenada before we left. Went below to get alcohol to clean out the camera and the cabinet door beneath the sink came off in my hands. Could anything else go wrong??????

Friday was a much better day! First off, we've been able to talk to Gypsy Blues in Grenada and Daniel Storey in Union Island from Blanquilla on the SSB. That makes us very, very happy!! I was even able to relay for boats in Medregal Village and Los Roques on Wednesday. We've been waiting for Coast Guard to visit, and they arrived today. Any time we've had Venezuelan Coast Guard on the boat they have been professional, courteous and just so nice. Plus, they bring friends and family along with them for the trip. I passed out brownies and lemonade and they were really appreciative. Our clearance is to Bonaire, and when we said we were going to Tortuga, Los Roques, Aves and then Bonaire, the one young man filling out the forms seemed to not like that. The other one, who spoke English, after brownies and lemonade, told him it was okay. I explained that Dennis had been really seasick, so we had to do short trips, and that seemed to be okay.

Had a change of plans after our going west sail. Instead of heading directly west to Los Roques, we'll head southwest to Tortuga (an overnight sail), and then northwest to Los Roques (an overnight sail). Twenty hours is so much easier than 35 to 40. Hoping to leave Saturday night, depending on what the weather says.

Stay tuned! ~~_/)~~

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