Thursday, February 03, 2011

Red Frog Benefit

Someone, somewhere, was looking down and granted everyone the perfect day for this benefit. For us, Brian picked us up at 10:15 and we motored with he and Sue on Darramy down to the anchorage off of Red Frog Marina. Sue made sandwiches, I had a cooler with some cold drinks and snacks and we headed over to the beach with Matt and Jean from Superted. Felt good to get in the water again.

Dennis actually caught a King Mackeral on the way over. We've been giving them away, but after seeing what the meat looks like when Brian was filleting it, he's decided we'll keep the next one to try.

When we came ashore, Pixie from Silver Sea said she'd love it if I helped out. We headed over to the beach for a couple of hours, back to shower, and then I helped out by being one of the servers. Everyone at Red Frog worked so, so hard. What happened was that a 9 year old was playing with matches and his home caught on fire (these homes are made out of logs and palm leaves), and with the wind, another four homes burned to the ground. There's five familes displaced, with between 30-40 infants, children and adults involved. Alkahest was the biggest donor. He charged $100 to go up the mast, do a rig inspection, clean the mast and rigging, with all proceeds going towards the benefit.

The village that burned down was right next to Red Frog Marina, which is one of the reasons they were so involved. I can't believe the work everyone from there put in. Steve and Patrick on guitar and vocals, with Andy on the bongos, put on a wonderful afternoon of music. Gary from Sea Feather smoked all the fish, and it was so, so good. A great showing and a wonderful afternoon. Missed the first water taxi back (Brian was getting a little worried that we'd be spending the night), but Pixie called the driver and he came back and picked the rest of us up that were in Bocas Marina.

This is my second attempt at this blog, once I realized that my movie hadn't turned out. That's Ray from Aventura juggling first with fire sticks; then eating an apple while juggling fire sticks; and then with the bowling balls. What talent. He told Dennis he was a street performer in San Francisco, and he sure put on a great show. The other photos are myself, Amy and Lili serving, and then Craig and George serving bar, along with their helper Juan. And, of course, the great band! ~~~_/)~~~
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