Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Still Finding Fun Things To Do

Janette, Allayne Tamar and Dana
The view from the Thai restaurant

Tamar on Xanadu came up to the boat last week and asked if I'd be interested in a girls afternoon.  Oh, let me think about this!  Five of us hopped into a water taxi and headed over to Bastimentos for the walk up to the Thai restaurant for lunch.  Mmmmm, wonderful!  Kim on Kailani had to head back with her friend, so Tamar, Dana (Vida Libre) and I walked up the hill some more to the Chocolate Factory.  The last time we did this walk it was raining ... what a difference and such an easy walk!  I got the history from Tamar, but didn't write it down right away ... there goes the memory.  Anyway, Janette (from Aberdeen) and her South American husband opened up this quaint little place, harvesting the coco beans from their acreage and making delicious coffees and chocolates, jewellery and all kinds of neat stuff.  Oh, and a couple of adorable little boys in there too!  Had some interesting cold tea.  Something about some creature growing and doing stuff that made this tea great.  Fortunately, found out it was a mushroom like creature instead of an alien!  Interesting :) 

Kirkley, Marina Manager
at Red Frog -- and her
new little bundle

We were supposed to be picked up on Friday by Sea Cycle for a sail over to Red Frog.  Mark called on the phone -- poor Deb was really sick.  Mark and Nicole decided they wouldn't go because they didn't want to be known as the plague ship!  Lynn and Randy on High States had told us we were more than welcome to stay with them overnight if we didn't want to dinghy back in the dark.  Packed the two backpacks just in case.  We took the dinghy over, since it's only a 10-15 minute ride in good seas (which it was), dropped the backpacks off on High States and went into Red Frog to check in and receive our wristbands.  They're having a big party this weekend called the Red Frog Marina Expansion Party.  They've added 40 new slips, there's villas being built and in one of the villas there's a spa with yoga, massages and an infinity pool.  Oh, and free food and drink -- those magic words to a cruiser.  There was a full moon, so we were pretty sure we were going to head back in the dark, but Lynn had made up the quarter berth and had drinking water and glasses out for us, so we decided we'd stay.  What great hospitality, how could we refuse? Had a wonderful night socializing, and meeting up again with Frankie and Terry on Second Wind that we hadn't seen since our first trip to Curacao.  We stayed around long enough to win a hat and t-shirt, and then went back to High States.

Randy, George, Lynn and Pixie
High States and Silver Sea


Wow, their quarter berth is bigger than what we sleep in, so had a great sleep and stretched out.  Lynn fed us a great breakfast of pancakes, bacon and melon ... and for me, lots of great coffee.  Headed back to the boat for a lazy day.  How can we be so tired doing nothing????   ~~~_/)~~~

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