Monday, February 28, 2011

Still Hanging Out ~~_/)~~

 While we're still hanging out in the marina, getting progressively lazier, Tamar from Xanadu stopped by for the photos of our afternoon at the Thai restaurant and chocolate place. I downloaded them on to her memory stick and walked up to the Calypso Cantina to deliver them. We sat and talked to Paul while she was busy researching waterproof cameras to have brought down by their company in a couple of weeks. That's the reason she needed our photos, is that her little camera was slowly dying, and having a camera brought down by company was a great opportunity to replace it.

A Piece of Eight

As we were visiting, an older gentleman wandered up looking for Jeff from Homeward Bound. Dennis went off to find Jeff, and then we had a wonderful visit with Retired Captain Giacomo Amoroso, who was a divemaster on Mel Fisher's expedition salvaging the Spanish galleon Nuestra Senora de Atocha. Dennis, being a retired police diver, was absolutely fascinated, and spent a couple of hours listening to stories. The treasure from the Atocha was estimated at over 400 million dollars, and John (as the Retired Captain is known in English) was lucky enough to be there when they hit the motherlode. Absolutely fascinating! He's now one of the ex-pats living in Bocas Town.  Here we have Dennis holding John's Piece of Eight that all of the divers got, and then John wearing his.

Retired Captain Giacomo Amoroso

This is what I love about the cruising life. We'd never meet all of these interesting people without being out here! ~~~_/)~~~

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If you ever get to Key West, go to the Atocha museum. The treasure there from the wreck is amazing.