Saturday, April 09, 2011

Bastimentos Boat Races

Anything that floated was a place to party

One of the party boats
What a fun weekend.  The Calypso Cantina had rented the houseboat Jampan and served great sandwiches with potato salad and, of course, drinks.  They also had another float boat for their great party weekend.  We spent some time there and then drove around the anchorage.  Stopped and visited with John and Nancy on DixSea, and finished off our time, with our cooler of drinks, aboard Salida.  I can't believe how many boats are anchored over here!

The races, naturally, were all running late, and I think we might have seen one go by.  Decided that on Sunday we would head over to Bastimentos way later in the afternoon. 

Back in the Red Frog anchorage, peace and quiet.  Made home fries and an omelet for breakfast, had a relaxing day, and then over to Bastimentos Town around 3 p.m.  Drove around the anchorage a bit ... so, so busy.  Changed our minds about going to shore since it looked insane, and headed back to Salida when Craig and Liz called us over.  What a fun afternoon.  Oh, and I want a catamaran!  Yeah, but that's not happening on our budget :(

So, so much fun.  George and Pixie (Silver Sea), Willie and Mary (Twilight), Kevin, Melissa and their 2 boys , James and Caleb (Solange 4), Barb and Bill (Babsea), Frankie and Terry (used to be Second Wind, now BEN 00), Juan was there from Arenas (what a great kid, so well behaved!),  Bill and Bruce (land based) and the folks from Teal Sea.  They had this great little sailing/pedalling boat that they let all the kids use.  Spent the majority of the time in the water (on a catamaran you can actually hide out from the sun under the hulls!) and, again, saw very little of the racing.  Just a fun, fun time!!!

Hiding out from the sun
underneath Salida
Caleb and Juan having fun!

Amazing  how those supplies go down.  Back to Bocas Town to provision again!  ~~~_/)~~~

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