Tuesday, April 12, 2011

We're Invisible!!!!

Lifted the anchor mid-day Friday and back up to Starfish till Sunday morning.  Spent Friday and Saturday hanging out in the water with our noodles.  It's so hot!!

They're trashed
On Saturday night, I couldn't sleep (Dennis doesn't have that problem), so I was sitting reading about 11 p.m.  All of a sudden there was a pull on the boat, like something had hit our anchor chain.  Really, the panga couldn't see us?  Light on the bow, light on the stern and a light at the top of the mast, my boat is light coloured and it was a bright night.  I ran up on deck, yelling a few choice words.  The boat was dead in the water and they had torn the bimini off their boat.  Must have seen us at the last minute and swerved, because the only mark on our boat was white fibreglass on the anchor chain.  At first we thought they were drunk ... I'm going more for stoned out of their minds.  Put the dinghy in the water and Dennis went over to find out what they were doing.  One of the guys, for some reason, had jumped in the water and was having trouble.  Dennis hesitated a minute, and then helped him out.  I had put a call out on the radio to anyone in the BEN network, and both Mary, BEN 1 from Camrikaland, and BEN 13, Captain Ron came back.  Steve and Amy on Serenity were in the anchorage with company, and while Amy stayed by the radio, Rob (Red Frog Marina dockmaster) and Steve came over in the dinghy as well, mostly for moral support.  Mary asked if we wanted the police called, and Steve on Serenity thought it might be a good idea, since these two guys were not in good shape.  Amazingly, the police showed up within 45 minutes!  They took all of our information, plus asking the trick question of how old we were.  I don't know, you have my passport :)  Surprisingly, they didn't go and find the guys who had been towed to the beach by Serenity's dinghy.  I did show them the photos I had taken though.  Maybe they knew who they were?

Minus a bimini top

Needless to say, neither one of us slept well that night and were awake at first light to head down to Rana Azul.  Luckily we had a good track on our chartplotter because it rained the whole way there.  Our theory is, take down the rain catcher, there's lots of rain!

What a fun afternoon.  Steve from LiWard and Dave from High Spirits played guitar and sang, while George from Silver Sea was percussion with his golden egg.  Good food, lots of friends, a great time and the sun came out.  I think that might have been the latest Rana Azul has been open on a Sunday.  Everyone is usually out of there by 5 p.m., since they open at noon.  When we left at 6:30 and there were still people there.  Rumour has it, they were there till after 9 at night!
Steve, George and Dave

Maria finally getting a break and
visiting with Mary and Willie
on Twilight

Needless to say, an early night for us.   ~~~_/)~~~

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