Sunday, April 10, 2011

Dennis' Birthday

Dennis, Mark, Randy, Lynn,
Deb, Rick and Carol

Happy birthday!

Happy 63 Dennis :) 

Lynn and Randy on High States are back from their visit to Canada, and Mark and Deb on Sea Cycle are coming back to Bocas to provision as well, so we arranged to celebrate Dennis' birthday at the Calypso Cantina.  Thursdays are usually guest chef nights, but the guest chef backed out, so Dyllan asked Dennis what he would like cooked for his birthday.  Their wonderful lasagna was his choice.  What a great place!   As we were having our drinks, Rick and Carol from Chewbacca arrived, so we invited them over to join us.  We met them in Shelter Bay back in November, where they had just purchased the boat and were heading down to the San Blas.

I made a carrot cake with cream cheese icing (my speciality, everything out of packages!) for everyone at the restaurant.  It was a great hit.  The best was Dennis' gift from Mark and Deb - everything a guy needs to survive!!

Dennis' favourite things!

Another big weekend down at Rana Azul - Steve on Liward will be singing and playing guitar on Sunday afternoon.  We were going to head down there Friday since we were all provisioned again (you know, the good stuff - bread, chips, beer and wine), but it was just so hot we headed back to Starfish Beach to hang out in the water, and we'll get up bright and early Sunday morning for the 3 hour trip down to Rana Azul.


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