Sunday, May 15, 2011

Back in the Bocas Town Anchorage

Wow, decent weather for the trip back to Bocas.  Unfortunately, when we went to anchor where we usually do it was really crowded, and I refused to anchor in 7 feet of water.  Call me crazy -- draw 6 feet!  So, headed back around the reef and anchored close to the channel entrance to Bocas Marina.  There's only one rock underneath our anchor chain, and we only hear it depending on the direction we're facing.

Dennis, Brian and Vossie - Randy and
Mark are hiding
Gaynor, Sue, Allayne, Deb and Lynn
Talked to Mark and Deb and we're heading in for Indian food at the OM Cafe to celebrate Deb's birthday.   There's ourselves, Lynn and Randy fom High States, Brian and Sue from Darramy and Vossie and Gaynor from Talacam.  Well, of course, and Sea Cycle with the birthday girl. 

Fantastic food and a wonderful evening.  Mark was too generous - a bottle of wine for each couple was his gift to all of us!  Hmmm ... the next morning was a little tough :)

Deb's heading back to Canada for a month so we met them for lunch at the Buena Vista and walked with them towards the airport.  Not all the way, because that was an extra 2 blocks and we had shopping to do!

Provisioning while we wait for our Marine Warehouse order to arrive :)


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