Friday, May 20, 2011


Woo hoo, the order is arriving in Bocas on Saturday's ferry.  Dana from Bocas Marina will pick it up, make sure everything is there, and we're able to pick it up Monday.  Time to start getting serious!!  We've been making many trips to town instead of doing one huge provisioning.  Makes life much easier, stowing away bits at a time instead of lots at a time!  We'll make a stop in Portobello in order to go into to Colon and the Rey grocery store.  The meat selection as far as beef and pork is better there, and there are a few things I can't get in Bocas.  Put in our last load of laundry.  From now until we head back home, it will be doing laundry by hand!

Two of my Calypso Cantina guys!
We checked out Wednesday, since it's Easter weekend and everyone is closing early for the long weekend. One last meal  at Calypso Cantina  Wednesday night with Lynn and Randy from High States, and then lunch on Thursday with Mark (Sea Cycle), along with Lynn and Randy, at the Rip Tide Restaurant.  Well, I guess it's called Tides Out right now, since the boat has disappeared in a divorce dispute!  Hugs and kisses to all, goodbye, back to the boat, and motored down to Johnson's Cay.  Weather looks great, and we'll be able to head over to Cayo de Agua and Escudo de Veragas.  I will miss all these meals out!

On our way, slowly, back to the San Blas :)


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