Saturday, May 21, 2011

Cayo de Agua and beyond!

It didn't look like we'd be able to leave Johnson's Cay when we first got up -- lots of cloud cover, which isn't good for going through all the reefs.  Did some boat chores and decided to spend a day relaxing ... and then the sun came out around 11 a.m.  Off we go to Cayo de Agua.  Worked our way through the reefs, heading almost to Zapatilla Cays to avoid a 4' spot, and then headed east.  Motorsailing along, I happened to look to starboard and wondered why there was light blue water.  The chartplotter and Bauhaus' guide showed a 25' spot ... except I saw 25, 20, 15, 10 ..... OMG 9.5???  I screamed and handed the helm over to Dennis while I checked over the side.  That was the least amount of water we saw, and it only took an hour or two for my heart rate to get back to normal!!  Anchored at Cayo de Agua early afternoon.

Cayo de Agua

Spent a couple of days at Cayo de Agua, trying to figure out why our third solar panel wasn't working.  Lots of time doing all kinds of tests ... it needs to be rewired.  Unfortunately, that means totally unpacking the quarter berth, AGAIN, to get the wire we need.  And, oh, look, there's that extra bbq regulator we couldn't find.  Then, Dennis was working on the solar panel, deciding to cut the wood frame down to a more manageable size, using the hole saw.  Told him to do it in the cockpit, which needs cleaning, but he decided to do it over the side.  Oops, the hole saw grabbed the wood, pulled out of the drill chuck and went over the side in 25 feet of water.  He spent an hour dragging the magnet around the bottom with no luck.  While all of this was happening, we were visited by two young boys in a canoe wondering what we were doing.  They got to watch Dennis put on all his scuba gear to dive down and retrieve the hole saw.  They had a very entertaining morning.  He let them test the scuba regulator, watch him drill some more, re-wire the solar panel, until they were finally as bored as I was!

Did some dinghy touring and snorkelling, and on our way to Escudo de Veraguas to anchor in these calm winds.


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