Friday, October 02, 2009

Fun in Grenada

Yes, we've had a busy summer and lots and lots of boat things to get done, but we have had fun as well. There's been a few hamburger nights at Clarke's Court Bay, and now after the potluck on Saturday night, karaoke has been added. The guys just sit back and chat away, while we women get up and have fun! Sam, on Encatada, was great as Frank Sinatra.

Some Saturdays, while Dennis goes fishing or to the flea market at Whisper Cove Marina, I go in to help tutor at the Mt. Airy Community Center. Jan Pascal and her husband set this program up a few years ago and volunteers not only her time, but makes goodies and homemade juice for the kids when we're done for the morning. We meet from 10 a.m. till 12:30 to help children from the ages of 5 to mid-teens with additional help in reading, writing and math. The kids are all there voluntarily and there are usually between 25-30. Cruiser participation has been pretty good, and many Saturdays there's been a full bus load. Mary on Reverie has been a going concern behind this, arranging for transportation, donations, and there's an auction set up for mid-October. It's nice to give something back to an island that welcomes us so graciously.

Then, a few weeks ago, Jane on Cheetah II put together a ladies day at La Saguesse Nature Center. There were 26 women all together and it was a great day. A hike around the Nature Center, the gardens, then up through the hills and down to the beach where lunch was waiting. After lunch some ladies went snorkelling or swimming, and some of us just relaxed with a glass of wine and chatted the afternoon away. Yes, everyone knows which group I was in! But we had fun, with Manuela from Paradise giving lessons on how to tie your pareo, and then modelling with Sunny from Slow Mocean and Cynthia from Minx. Lots of laughs!!

We'll be sad to leave, but it's getting to be that time of year. We've been busy provisioning. Left Calvigny Cut on Wednesday (because we needed to stay for Tuesday night happy hour at Le Phare Bleu) and sailed to St. George's. Well, motorsailed. Unfortunately, no fish! There was a swell coming into the beach area, so we dropped our anchor in the Lagoon, went into the gas station to jerry can gas and diesel, then to Island Water World, the wine store and groceries last. Then, picked up anchor and returned to our favorite spot in Prickly Bay. Went into the wholesale beer place to pick up that important provision! Not running out of beer and wine on this trip through the Roques and Aves!!! We'll head into St. George's Saturday to get our fresh fruit and veg, laundry and water Monday, and then off around midnight to Blanquilla, one of the Venezuelan islands due directly west. Yuck, easterly winds predicted, with a little bit of north, then south. We can always hope for that little bit of north or south so we don't wallow our way for the 34-37 hours we think it will take us! Seas are down, so we will have the spinnaker on deck for daytime sailing.

I'll post a blog when we get to Blanquilla, but there won't be any photos until we get internet again in Bonaire. We've met old friends and made new friends here, and are anxious to catch up with others in Curacao, Columbia and the San Blas.

You've had fair warning!! ~~~_/)~~~

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Your blog is interesting and you are obviously having a blast cruising the caribbean. Have a good trip as you continue on your way!